T H E  M O O N  I S  B L U E


Comedy in three acts and 1 prologue by HUGH HERBERT

JEAN BERNARD-LUC ’ s French adaptation


Theatre Michel


First production :

January 29th 1955

Theatre Michel

Manager : Miss Parisys

Staging :

Jacques CHARON

Scenery :

François GANEAU


Jean Bernard-Luc ’ s adaptation of this play is better and more striking than the film and both the American and London productions.

(Thomas Curtiss, New York Herald)

Prologue : on the terrace of the Empire State Building , New York.

3 acts : in a large architect’s studio.


Theatre Variétés
Jacques CHARON



Summary :

A young and likeable architect Don Gresham , who is exasperated with his tumultuous fiancée, Cynthia, discreetly courts and yearns after a young and ingenuous television extra, Patty O’ Neill, whom he met at the top of the famous skyscraper. Cynthia’s father, David Slater, a seductive forty years old, also has a penchant for Patty’s flowering youth. David is just looking to kill an evening, Patty, on the other hand, , to do something out of the ordinary. After playing with fire, she goes on to accept the young architect’s proposal of marriage.




Cast :

Patty………Evelyne GABRIELLI

David………Jacques DACQMINE

Don Gresham….....Gérard SETY

Cynthia………...Micheline GARY

Sergeant O’Neill..........GUERVIL

Micheline GARY
Gérard SETY


Reviews all agree :


A delightful dialogue which sparkles like a fire, which scintillates like the beautiful pebbles of the Rhine. Any lines make you smile or laugh, it’s a real success

( Robert KEMP, LE MONDE )


A very smart adaptation by Jean Bernard-Luc. A lovely play which is to have a brilliant success





Empire State Building





Go and see this Blue Moon. Jean Bernard-Luc’s adaptation is quite successful. Brisk and lively dialogues, with witty lines

( Jean DARS )



You go out of the theatre Michel euphoric, optimistic and full of good feelings