It starts out with D'Artagnan meeting his first two adversaries the Count de Rochefort and the beautiful spy Milady de Winter.

D'Artagnan arrives in Paris and immediately accidentally insults the Three Musketeers who each one challenges him to a duel.D'Artagnan later joins with them in a duel with the Cardinal's Guards who had interrupted his duel with the first musketeer Athos.Then they all become friends in arms against the Cardinal's Guards.

D'Artagnan later meets up with Constance the Queen's dressmaker a relative of D'Artagnan's landlord.

This friendship with Constance leads up to D'Artagnan and the Three Athos,Porthos and Aramis going to England to save the Queen Anne from public scandal because of her relationship with the Prime Minister of England the Duke of Buckingham.

A fact that Cardinal Richelieu and his agents want exposed so that the Queen will be exiled.

D'Artagnan defeats the Cardinal's agents Milady and Rochefort brings back the diamonds the queen gave to Buckingham to the Queen,saves the Queen's honor and leaves the Cardinal and Milady plotting revenge at the end of the film.

Gerard Barray is excellent as D'Artagnan and Mylene Demongeot not only one of the most beautiful screen Milady de Winters rivaling that of Lana Turner but also excellent in the part as well.

A fine supporting cast,historically accurate costumes and beautiful scenery rate this a 7 on my scale.This was followed by a sequel The Vengeance of Milady also called Vengeance of the Three Musketeers.

If you like the Gene Kelly version or the Michael York 2 part version.You will like this two part version.